It’s Becoming Real!

On Monday, after almost 2 months of waiting, I received an email with my letter of acceptance to the University of Jyväskylä in Finland! I will receive the real letter in the mail soon! This is quite a relief because I am going to have to take this letter with me to New York to prove that I was accepted.

After almost 7 months of knowing where I wanted to go for exchange, it is finally becoming real. I leave in 33 days to go to New York to obtain my student residence permit and I leave in 105 days for Finland! I have been busy the last 2 months making sure I have letters of recommendation, filling out the application for study abroad, and getting classes approved for transfer credit. By the first part of October I should know if my application for study abroad was approved by the university and what kind of stipend I will be eligible for. I am very excited to get these parts out of the way and on to buying my plane ticket and getting ready for my trip.

This semester I have a Pitt Pal, which is a program on campus that matches a US student with an International student and they get to know each other, help each other out, and learn each other’s cultures. My Pitt Pal, Reeta is from Oulu, Finland. We have hung out a few times since the beginning of the semester and tomorrow she is going to help me fill out the form for my student residence permit (it is all in Finnish). For some reason Google Translate doesn’t want to translate part of it because it is in a different format so I had to copy and paste individual words or even type them out (which isn’t natural for a native English speaker). So Reeta is going to help me translate!

So about a month ago I changed my time on my phone to 24-hour time since that is what they use in Finland. I thought I might as well get used to it. I am actually getting pretty good at it. Although, sometimes I just feel like I never know what time it is. Some other little things I will have to get used to: kilometers instead of miles and Celsius instead of Fahrenheit. I also need to practice reading a map since I won’t have my handy GPS on my iPhone.

Reeta was telling me how she had trouble with Fahrenheit vs. Celsius. She always had to convert it to figure out what the temperature really was. Also, she told me this funny story about how her and her roommates, who are also Finnish, freaked out because their oven’s temperature went so high. They realized later it was Fahrenheit…haha.

I am nervous and excited. I am anxious and thrilled. I am wanting time to go slow and fast. 105 days.